TK Group has been a construction equipment rental company supplying the equipment to the largest construction projects in Georgia since 2008, inclusive BP managed various size projects. Over the past years, the company has built the reputation of the trustworthy company providing the integrity of the services at 24/7, effectively maintaining the logistics for preventive and corrective maintenance processes for the entire fleet and equipment at construction sites.

In 2013 TK Group started providing full lifting services to the clients and since then it has become a premier crane and lifting service provider in Georgia. Over the years, with the balance of experience, highly trained operators, riggers,  engineers and the right equipment we have successfully and consistently achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction in the heavy lifting industry. As a result of our efforts, the Company has successfully completed more than 8000 recordable lifts over the past years with NO incident or harm to the environment or property.

TK Group is committed to providing exceptionally high standards of services with continuous improvements to ensure that the client’s requirements are always met.