At TK Group we believe that everyone is entitled to work in an environment where risks to their safety are properly controlled and every member of staff should be able to go home at the end of the working day without having suffered or caused any harm in any way. In the industry full of risks, this goal can only be achieved if every single person remembers the importance of safety. We think that every lift no matter how urgent or simple, holds equal importance and therefore deserves to be planned and executed using the best available methods.

Having a documented lift plan that has been shared with the crew is almost like having an insurance policy that the lift will go smoothly. Our experienced and certified lifting engineers will develop lifting plans of any complexity consisting but not limited to the below:


  • All the required calculations. Boom length, Max.R, Travel path and etc.
  • Suitable lifting equipment for the lifting activity
  • Providing with the rigging study for the safe lift
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • Task Risk Assessments
  • 3D Technical drawings
  • 3D Animations